27 Marzo 2023

A record of Dispersal!

18 Ottobre 2022

The presence of the wolf changes the perception of the place – 5 Podcast RAI (in italian) “Inside the traces of the wolf”

22 Settembre 2020

Welcome Autumn: with your atmosphear the Wolves’ Path becomes a fairytale

20 Maggio 2020

Una apis nulla apis: World Bee Day

28 Febbraio 2020

The first short-film along the Wolves’ Path: directed and performed by youg-adults, for young-adults trekkers!

23 Febbraio 2020

Fantastic closing cerimony of the 2nd Cinematic Festival organised by the Val Roveto CAI

3 Gennaio 2020

“Al lupo, al lupo!”. An historical 1979 issue of the Bollettino Panda by WWF it’s our gift

29 Novembre 2019

A special insert for the Wolves’ Path inside the environmental magazine InNatura’s December issue

6 Novembre 2019

Ready the “Travel Journal of the Walker”, the Credentials of the Via dei Lupi

The official credentials are finally available from this evening, in order to enrich their walking experience along the Wolves’ Path, collecting the stamps of the many […]