Keys… of reading

Biology, conservation and tales about the Wolf

Retrace the story of the Wolf’s conservation in Italy, learn more about its Ethology and Biology. All this through a set of “Key Words” that will allow you to explore its world, the one of the naturalist and the current events around it.

Scroll over the images to discover lots of facts about the wolf.



* Mortality
* The ‘Lupari’
* The case of canine distemper

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The trasformation

* Hybrids (from the extinction of the population to genetic extinction)
* From the wolf to the dog
* The first hybrid caught in Italy

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* Why the wolf preys on domestic livestock?
* Wolves and guard dogs
* The breeding of guard dogs

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Management change

* Need to change
* From the risk of extinction to the management problem
* In the rest of Europe

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Side by side

* Why to preserve the wolf?
* The coexistence (good practices)
* The coexistence (cultural role)

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