6 Novembre 2019

Ready the “Travel Journal of the Walker”, the Credentials of the Via dei Lupi

The official credentials are finally available from this evening, in order to enrich their walking experience along the Wolves’ Path, collecting the stamps of the many […]
16 Ottobre 2019

A young lone trekker on the Wolves’ Path … an experience to share

A few words of great admiration for this fantastic adventure that ended only a few days ago. Emanuele, who left Tivoli on September 17, arrived in […]
11 Ottobre 2019

Three men wandering along the Wolves’ Path

Paraphrasing the writer Jerome k. Jerome, English writer of the second half of the nineteenth century of amusing books like “Tre Uomini in Barca” and “Tre […]
11 Ottobre 2019

An interesting and constructive Conference on the Wolves’ Path 2.0 was held at… Savelli Castle in Palombara Sabina!

Saturday 11th of May, the Park of the Lucretili Mountains held a conference to promote the Wolf’s Path 2.0. at the beautiful and panoramic Savelli Castle […]
11 Ottobre 2019

Goodbye to the group of Emilian Wayfarers

7 days of the Wolf’s Path, from Trevi nel Lazio to Civitella Alfedena, with beautiful weather in the background and always attentive and kind hospitality. Alessia […]
9 Ottobre 2019

We support and promote the renewal action, by the CAI of Val Roveto, of the Civita d’Antino Refuge

Sunday 4 August, as from the poster hosted in the events section of this site, there was the official inauguration by the CAI section of Val […]
9 Ottobre 2019

You finished the first solitary rose-tinted experience of the Wolf’s Path 2.0!

I greeted you and saw you leave with a firm step, on Wednesday 3rd  April from Tivoli. It was 8:15 in the morning. You stopped, for […]
9 Ottobre 2019

Going slowly, finding calm and balance: going into Nature to be transformed by it

Ten full days in which especially the views of the mountains and the vegetation, with sporadic appearances of various animals, including wolves, have kept company to […]
9 Ottobre 2019

Alessia with her lively passion makes us meditate on mountain hospitality in this part of the Apennines

Numerous thoughts blend in my mind following the live action of Alessia distantly, so that organising them into an order, a linear sense or thinking of […]