Una apis nulla apis: World Bee Day

The first short-film along the Wolves’ Path: directed and performed by youg-adults, for young-adults trekkers!
28 Febbraio 2020
Welcome Autumn: with your atmosphear the Wolves’ Path becomes a fairytale
22 Settembre 2020

"Bees are an 'unicum' not singular entities. Outside their comunity they cannot live." Mario Rigoni Stern in “Uomini, Boschi e Api"

We are talking about a Superorganism where cooperation is the plot of all their life.

Even wolves, efen if ina smaller dimension, live as an unicum inside their pack most part of their lives, if we don't count the dispersal period, where all relationships are all foundamental and the individual is part of a society, overlooked by the transmission of information and knowledge by a series of characteristic signs.

Photos by Luca Pasquarelli, beekeper from Moricone (RM), inside the Monti Lucretili Nature Park

It's very fashinating how to search honey they use a Dance, as the wolves uses different positions of their limbs and body to manage all the relationships inside the pack.

Today, World Bee Day, energetically dupported by ONU and FAO, it's essential to stop and think of how the life on the Earth is strictly linked to these small animals, to their community; our gratitude to them should be even greater so to all become their paladins.

All this by being conscientious and reliable daily in all our actions that, more or less, impact on their habitat.

We need to integrate in our style of life that "Spirit of the beehive" to the advantage of bees, human kind and the Earth!