The first short-film along the Wolves’ Path: directed and performed by youg-adults, for young-adults trekkers!

Fantastic closing cerimony of the 2nd Cinematic Festival organised by the Val Roveto CAI
23 Febbraio 2020
Una apis nulla apis: World Bee Day
20 Maggio 2020

Tecnology VS Trekkking... What's going to be the more attracting!

A fantastic story about nerds who will see their world upside down thanks to hiking trail maps and outdoor experiences.

A current narrative; created, adapted, performed and edited with almost smiling carelessness poetry and youthfulness from the Servizio Civile Nazionale young-adults volunteers that work for the Regional Park of Monti Lucretili and Monti Simbruini.

From all their work, a short-film was created, narrating the slow metamorphosis of the two protagonist who casually (abd luckyly for us) brushed the universe of the Wolves, not only as a trakking...

...It's up to you to discover how!

Now get comfy and click here! Enjoy!