Welcome Autumn: with your atmosphear the Wolves’ Path becomes a fairytale

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20 Maggio 2020
The presence of the wolf changes the perception of the place – 5 Podcast RAI (in italian) “Inside the traces of the wolf”
18 Ottobre 2022

This is a real Invitation to welcome all the colours of the autumn in your lives and discover how it feels!

For sure you can't be indifferent before this shades, that know how to stimulate sensations and thoughts with their atmosphear.

The chemestry of suggestions express her maxium potential, if you move uncertain steps to immerse in this kaleidoscope of colours.

That's the moment that the fairytale starts. one in which words are yellow. orange, scarlet and red.

The Wolves' Path is the IDEAL TRAK to evoke all these; it's a path where the hiker who search for autumn find a greather ARMONY.

…and us with a backpack on our shoulders so we can go, to be lost inside enchanted woods and being circled by autumn's colours and sensations.

Like this, starting from Dickinson's verses, thinking of Autumn Papa (with Summer Mama, Grampa Winter and Daughter Sping) offering scarf to all he trees, pastures, to the sunrises and sunsets, we also want to gift you something that will make you want to discover and explore "our" Wolves' Path!