Ready the “Travel Journal of the Walker”, the Credentials of the Via dei Lupi

A young lone trekker on the Wolves’ Path … an experience to share
16 Ottobre 2019

The official credentials are finally available from this evening, in order to enrich their walking experience along the Wolves’ Path, collecting the stamps of the many accommodation and hospitality activities that are encountered along the different stages that make up this beautiful trek!

We called it the “Travel Journal of the Walker” because even though poor in words, back home and reopening it, every timbre will remind you and silently tell you about the countless adventures of that day, of that hour, the face of that innkeeper, of a gesture, a light, a tiredness… in short, each imprint of ink will become a personal page for each hiker to re-read, remember, tell to themselves and to others.

A small leaflet that will add pages and pages of memories to every stop you make, so much so that you bring back an incredible memoir’ book!

Built Step after Footprint

And so precious that it will silently be kept with affection, in one of the most expensive and intimate drawers that every desk or bookcase has …

The dedicated page indicates all the places where it is possible to request and collect certified and authenticated credentials, with the relative opening hours.