A young lone trekker on the Wolves’ Path … an experience to share

Three men wandering along the Wolves’ Path
11 Ottobre 2019
Ready the “Travel Journal of the Walker”, the Credentials of the Via dei Lupi
6 Novembre 2019

A few words of great admiration for this fantastic adventure that ended only a few days ago.

Emanuele, who left Tivoli on September 17, arrived in Civitella Alfedena on October 3rd last, after spending 17 days on the hilly and mountainous corrugations of the Apennines crossed by the Via dei Lupi.

A complete exploration, accomplished with a slow step, his own, looking for and, we believe, finding that HARMONY that only prolonged immersion, especially if alone, in Nature can be achieved!

Each of us can try to receive, from the photos he has given us: the great silence that still exists on the paths; solitude in crossing shady beech woods; the warm colors of the beginning of autumn and the early and late hours, the enchantment of admiring all natural forms, the broad outlines of horizons that barely fit in a click, the almost transparent and delicate milky mushrooms …

In addition to trying to interpret and savor the atmospheres that enveloped and accompanied him during this unique adventure.

We, as always, in front of these demanding and MILD ACTION of the Man, we remain astonished and bewitched.

And with big eyes … we try hard to try to absorb and remember the greatest enchantment possible!

Good memories Emanuele and thanks from us and the whole nature !!!