Goodbye to the group of Emilian Wayfarers

We support and promote the renewal action, by the CAI of Val Roveto, of the Civita d’Antino Refuge
9 Ottobre 2019
An interesting and constructive Conference on the Wolves’ Path 2.0 was held at… Savelli Castle in Palombara Sabina!
11 Ottobre 2019

7 days of the Wolf’s Path, from Trevi nel Lazio to Civitella Alfedena, with beautiful weather in the background and always attentive and kind hospitality.

Alessia with a solitary experience and the Emilian wayfarers in a group are two of the great interpretations and ways of living and sharing a trek in steps.

We say to these 8 members a dear goodbye with a dream in our heart: that the memories they will share will become new steps through these territories!

Have a nice journey and all the best!