We support and promote the renewal action, by the CAI of Val Roveto, of the Civita d’Antino Refuge

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9 Ottobre 2019
Goodbye to the group of Emilian Wayfarers
11 Ottobre 2019

Sunday 4 August, as from the poster hosted in the events section of this site, there was the official inauguration by the CAI section of Val Roveto, together with the Mayor of the Municipality of Civita d’Antino, of the homonymous Refuge at high altitude.

Located just above the volubrous Lago Pratelle, alongside the dirt road that connects this side of the Val Roveto with the beautiful and long meadows at high altitude of Sant’Elia, and with an intimate basin next to it, the structure has all the premises to become a excellent landing point alternative to the town of Civita d’Antino, as the end of the stage 9, especially in the long period between late spring and autumn.

We strongly support this phase of recovery and enhancement of mountain structures because they allow us to experience “inviting” experiences, from overnight stay to altitude, too often the prerogative of other sections of the Apennines and above all of the Alps.

With these improvements instead, given the fact that many Apennine shelters are so poorly kept as to almost want to repel the walker, a long trek like the Via dei Lupi could be organized, interspersing sweeter and more comfortable nights in the villages of the valley floor, with more night rests intense, natural and close to the stars to wild animals!

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