With the last steps will we live a “fairy tale”?!

The Wolf’s Path 2.0 is inaugurated with a solitary “rose-tinted” trip
9 Ottobre 2019
Alessia with her lively passion makes us meditate on mountain hospitality in this part of the Apennines
9 Ottobre 2019

Yes, we will!

And we won’t get better rewards.

Where she arrives, she brings enthusiasm that appears in words and moving messages she sends us …

She’s becoming unable to find common phrases to express what she is feeling …

… memories, which in time will become nostalgia, will compose her story.

With an heart breaking humility her thought ends with a “Thank you” … in which a kaleidoscope of suggestions is enclosed!

Her path is a magic trail … that colours, enchants, makes you remain astonished!

She finds her determination and her strength first of all inside herself, but we are almost certain that Nature and Human encounters nourish her flame.

Today she is walking on the Serra Lunga, tenth step, in view of the outer protection belt of the National Park of Abruzzi, Latium and Molise.

She left behind the second night in a mountain shelter.

To protect herself from the rain she covers herself with a red cape …

She reminds us with great affection the important character of one of the most famous fables, making us be children again…

I wonder if Wolves observing her in secret, will “talk” between each other, with great respect and admiration, about this Walker with Red Livery that wanders alone, crossing their habitat …

We like to imagine that Alessia’s adventure will enter even into the “Great Book of Wolves’ Tales“, that animals of the Apennine woods have always handed down …!

See you soon Alessia