Alessia with her lively passion makes us meditate on mountain hospitality in this part of the Apennines

With the last steps will we live a “fairy tale”?!
9 Ottobre 2019
Going slowly, finding calm and balance: going into Nature to be transformed by it
9 Ottobre 2019

Numerous thoughts blend in my mind following the live action of Alessia distantly, so that organising them into an order, a linear sense or thinking of exhausting them in a post is an understatement.

They are like a karst river that sometimes emerges and one can observe it, where from a few waves, a spray hit by sun rays takes the colour of the rainbow revealing a form, a drawing, a concept.

Today the droplets, the imagination have fixed on her night spent at the Shelter in Fondi di Jenne: a harmonious building for its position and for its simple and robust architecture.

A place that invites you to stay with pleasure, set on the border between the beech forest and an enchanting karst plateau at an altitude of 1400 m, in the heart of the Park of the Simbruini Mountains.

Then, one discovers that inside, there is no light nor water. Yet the place is well kept, large and with a beautiful fireplace.

And you start considering that it is another Apennine Refuge that would have all the possibilities to become a Shelter  in “Alpine management style”, where an association, a cooperative could animate the place and make it live. And only a few kilometres before Alessia had met the Camposecco Refuge, another unmanaged building …

They could be amazing refreshment points and warm shelters for walkers and wayfarers who would follow the footprints and example of Alessia, spending evenings, nights and sunrises immersed in woods and meadows.

To fully experience these splendid mountains, even sleeping “inside” them, would mean to close the circle; because the awakening offers you frost, dawns, sounds that one can listen to and admire only in the ephemeral hours of the very early morning.

Alessia has reached this destination on foot after having travelled about 73 km. !!

Last night

Modest meal and Spartan shelter.

This morning

Wake up and new start around 7 o’clock.

For every wayfarer, Nature requires sacrifice, tiredness and strong soul …

To every wayfarer, Nature shows how many details it is made of: lichens, flowers, swollen gems from which the emerald green leaves come out, colours … smells … fallen leaves of November crunching under your steps during the spring!

Alessia, have a nice journey!