Going slowly, finding calm and balance: going into Nature to be transformed by it

Alessia with her lively passion makes us meditate on mountain hospitality in this part of the Apennines
9 Ottobre 2019
You finished the first solitary rose-tinted experience of the Wolf’s Path 2.0!
9 Ottobre 2019

Ten full days in which especially the views of the mountains and the vegetation, with sporadic appearances of various animals, including wolves, have kept company to Alessia!

By suspending the pace of work and daily commitments, Alessia has totally immersed into Nature, with the desire of looking for a greater frugality offered by unmanaged mountain shelters.

In short, a true, intense immersion, which strongly puts to the test one’s own starting motivations for  research, the enthusiasm, and brings to be confronted to manage worries, anxieties and loneliness.

In the city we are less and less confronted to such emotions and stimuli.

We are losing our mental, psychological and cultural structures, in a path which goes almost parallel to the progressive abandonment of the internal areas of the Apennines.

But like all the implications, overcoming the difficulties of going through woods and mountains, we receive so many gifts to return, after a full experience that you can live with a trek in steps, to reflect fully on our lifestyles, on our interpretative schemes.

And plants are fundamental in this inner metamorphosis, because they influence us, they help and support us in the path that leads to calm, to psycho-physical well-being!

Civitella Alfedena’s Alessia will surely be different from Tivoli’s Alessia.

Differently rich and more disoriented, with new doubts, more sensitive and lively, all fruit of having been sweetly contaminated by “Nature’s Pain“!

A silent teaching that becomes nostalgia … the desire for new experiences.