The Wolf’s Path 2.0 is inaugurated with a solitary “rose-tinted” trip

Important success for the first edition of the Festival for the Wolf and for another mountain
9 Ottobre 2019
With the last steps will we live a “fairy tale”?!
9 Ottobre 2019

This new story of the renewed version of trek could not have had a better baptism!

A solitary woman with a big backpack, Alessia, to whom this morning we said goodbye. She was serene and with the desire to receive the best from Nature, which will keep her company for several days along the Wolf’s Path.

Prepared, ready, careful not adding weight to her backpack, but with the balance of facing the Adventure with awareness and with the right tools.

Among which a satellite GPS that will constantly monitor her position “Step by Footprint”, as the Walker’s Credential mentions.

Oh yes, because Alessia has with her the Beta Version, she will test it and from her experience we’ll get the final Version.

Alessia è pioniera e ambasciatrice del percorso a tappe, con le sue parole, gli incontri che farà borgo per borgo, i suoi racconti ed impressioni ed anche…..con la sua splendida Maglietta Rosa con la quale è partita, con il logo della Via ben evidente!!! Alessia is a pioneer and ambassador of the journey in steps, with her words, with the encounters she will have village by village, with her stories and impressions and also… ..with her splendid Pink T-shirt with which she started, with the very evident logo of the Wolf’s Path!!!

Daily anecdotes of her diary will be inserted both on the page and on the Facebook group.

Alessia, we wish you good rest and above all to have a lot of fun, hoping you will have a nice weather tomorrow!