Important success for the first edition of the Festival for the Wolf and for another mountain

The heptalogue to follow when you are in the habitat of us, Wolves
9 Ottobre 2019
The Wolf’s Path 2.0 is inaugurated with a solitary “rose-tinted” trip
9 Ottobre 2019

We make the most deserved congratulations to the IoNonhoPauradelLupo association for the success and public participation in the first Festival for the Wolf and for another mountain, organized in the weekend of 16th  and 17th of March in Albareto, in the province of Parma.

A program involving inhabitants and mountain workers, citizens, enthusiasts and nature professionals, for the dissemination of correct information about the wolf and the big fauna, with the aim of favouring the conservation and coexistence between wolf and human activities in this part of the Apennines.

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Happy reading and see you on 28th  and 29th of March 2020 for the second edition!