Step 7.

Jenne – Trevi nel Lazio

CAI Signposts

681a, VL7, 692a
13.6 km (8.45 miles)

Max Altitude

901 m (2956.04 ft.)
709 m (2326.12 ft.)
1184 m a.s.l. (3884.51 ft.)

Crossed protected areas

Park of Simbruini Mountains

……………………….. – Park of Simbruini Mountains

Watercolour by Giampiero Pierini

A step of medium difficulty that begins by climbing upstream from the village Jenne, and continues crosswise up to the Volubro dell’Arnaro, from which one looks onto a beautiful panorama over the right orographic side of the important and engraved Valley of Simbrivio torrent (main tributary of Aniene river).

Through this path you will go down to the watershed and then you will climb up again, at almost the same height but on the opposite side of the wide valley, which houses – a little further upstream –  the picturesque village of Vallepietra, where the valley extends in a spectacular and almost circular arch.

After regaining some height, the path continues with moderate ups and downs up to the area of Ara Vecchia, ancient cultivated lands which have now become pleasant pastures. Once you have crossed them, and going up a little into a sparse wood, you will overlook the territory of Trevi nel ​​Lazio, lying down on a hill in the point where the Upper Aniene Valley is quite wide.

The background is surrounded by the magnificent Càntari sub-chain – with peaks reaching and exceeding 2000 m (6561.68 ft.) such as Mount Viglio, Mount Crepacuore, Peschio delle Ciavole and Cornacchie – that represents the missing link between the Simbruini Mountains chain and the Ernici chain .

A long descent –part of which following an ancient sheep track – leads to the village of Trevi nel Lazio with its beautiful Torre Caetani.