Step 6.

Livata – Jenne

CAI Signposts

672c, VL6, 682, 681a
9.5 km (5.9 miles)

Max Altitude

219 m (718.5 ft.)
697 m (2286.75 ft.)
1455 m a.s.l. (4773.62 ft.)

Crossed protected areas

Park of Simbruini Mountains

Rifugio Forestale (Piana di Fondi di Jenne) – Park of Simbruini Mountains

Watercolour by Giampiero Pierini

This leg, which is on the whole brief and with a mainly descending difference in height, borders highly suggestive areas in the Park of Monti Simbruini, such as the Plain of Fondi and its surrounding beech-woods and the Plain of Frassigno and its mixed forests of oak, ash tree and hornbeam, where the altitude is lower.

From Livata and up to the Forest Hut (photo) –  located in the basin of the Plain of Fondi – the intimacy and the sounds of nature are guaranteed, even if the path never distances so much from the provincial road.

The alternation of clearings and wooded sections is the rule in this first section.

In the second part, after having reached the Old Volubro (big watering trough that seems to be a small lake), we descend with greater energy down to the Frassigno meadows and further, to reach the asphalted road, we approach the upper part of the beautiful village of Jenne.