The heptalogue to follow when you are in the habitat of us, Wolves

Trophic Cascades: two decades of scientific data collected in the National Park of Yellowstone
9 Ottobre 2019
Important success for the first edition of the Festival for the Wolf and for another mountain
9 Ottobre 2019

Let’s summarize 7 good actions and tips to keep in mind when we are in Nature, the wolf’s habitat, and described by Biologist Paola Fazzi:

  1. If you want to observe a Wolf?
  2. If you meet a Wolf?
  3. Is the Wolf dangerous?
  4. What if the Wolf is wounded?
  5. Do not leave rubbish outside the bins
  6. Do not leave leftovers in the wood
  7. Dogs on a leash always

In addition to the brief brochure on Life Gestire 2020.

Some of the topics were then reported and deepened in a wide interview, directed by the network of independent guides “Trekkilandia”.