Biodiversity or precipice; coexistence or fall!

A Wolf’s Path 2.0 to combine adventure and knowledge
9 Ottobre 2019
Guardian Dogs: a recent story of Active Defense from the village of Opi, in Abruzzi
9 Ottobre 2019

Several graphic signs, some colour, and that’s it, an amazing synthesis that stimulates many thoughts and reflections.

Two big predators placed one in front of the other, with an expected  conclusion due to the disparity of the means of offence  if it were not that …

… they are at the head of a swing suspended in the empty space of a very high rocky pinnacle.

Sensitivity and genius in being able to synthesize many themes, one above all: we are all connected (!), a key topic of the balance of ecosystems, of biodiversity conservation.

It is a big deal!

A topic that can be found in multiple courses in university lecture halls!

The author of this drawing shall be considered an Artist, because with his small work he summarises and “talks” about so much actuality, which will leave traces in the future.

Men could even consider getting rid of Wolves, but the consequences not so distant … are as always underestimated.

The intelligent biped almost never meditates on the countless events that could happen afterwards, as it is also happening with the great and worrying plastics pollution!

Here, in this 4 x 4 cm square image, one is “obliged” to reflect, think and doubt on the easy solutions (with firearms) and on human egoism (us in first place and then other living being).

Earth, our only home, is a magnificently complex and richly diversified system, full of colours and smells, of plants and animals (including us), and knowing the Earth in its incredible variety enriches us inside.

Therefore, to put it mildly, it is advisable to learn to stay in BALANCE with the Biodiverse world, also and simply because …

you are not well on your own, and it is not LIFE!