Resettlement in the central and eastern Alps: a window on the coexistence to research

Killing wolves is useless, non-violence is better
7 Ottobre 2019
The territoriality of the packs in a colourful image from the Voyageurs National Park of Minnesota (USA)
7 Ottobre 2019

In addition to indicating the update of the official data around the presence of the Wolf in the Italian Alps coming from the European Project “Life WolfAlps”, we consider as necessary to monitor and inform on the “feeling” of the territories affected by the rather recent return of the Natural Predator, which is forcing those who live and work of pastoralism and breeding (and in the alpine valleys they are still a big number) to reconsider their working practices to carry out the necessary preventive measures allowing to reduce damage from predation and to find that desirable balance between Man and the Wolf.

All this to arouse a correct, shared and conscious knowledge of the phenomenon.