Step 3.

Licenza – Riofreddo

CAI Signposts

306, 320b
13.4 km (8.32 miles)
demanding hike

Max Altitude

854 m (2801.84 ft.)
881 m (2890,42 ft.)
938 m a.s.l. (3077,43 ft.)

Crossed protected areas

Park of Lucretili Mountains

Fraturno Lake (one of the small lakes of Percile)  – Park of Lucretili Mountains

Watercolour by Giampiero Pierini

Going up the left orographic flanks of the Valley of Licenza River, through this step we will discover good part of the eastern slope of the Park of Lucretili Mountains, which is very rich in water. Across many streams of different sizes, one will remain enchanted by the small Fraturno Lake (Photo), one of the two karstic lake mirrors known as the Laghetti di Percile.

Leaving the village of Licenza, the path gradually climbs on the official Park trail network and left behind the ridge of Colle dei Cerri and Colle Serranile, one will go down and climb up again to reach the Impluvium (watershed) nearby the Roscielle Stream.

One will arrive at the beautiful lake where it is suggested to make a stop, and then, flanking the Morella Ruins (or Castel del Lago) with a short climb, the path winds its way, with regular positive progression, along the dirt road that will lead to the border of the Park and peak of altitude, too.

From there, you will descend, on both path and dirt road, down to the village of Riofreddo, with wide panoramic view.