Step 14.

Madonna di Val Canneto – Civitella Alfedena (via Valle Iannaghera)

CAI Signposts

F2, O5, K6, I4
16,4 km (10.19 miles)
Demanding due to its important difference in height

Max Altitude

000 m
000 m
1991 m a.s.l. (6532.15 ft.)

Crossed protected areas

National Park of Abruzzi, Latium and Molise

…………………………. – National Park of Abruzzi, Latium and Molise

Watercolor by Giampiero Pierini

Very long step, with traits of different degree of difficulty, but beautiful for its variety of landscape and environment!

Leaving the wide meadows surrounding the Shrine of Madonna di Val Canneto, one starts to climb on an easy white road, along the valley floor. Leaving a detour road on the left for the Refuge-refreshment point, one continues ahead entering the wood. Further on, we abandon the detour road on the right and we head toward the waterfalls where Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla used to meditate and read and where there is now a sculpture dedicated to him. Finally we reach a meadow with a refuge.

One continues to climb gradually even with hairpin turns and in the upper one, the Park’s path O3 starts towards the left. There is still little road and the wood leaves more space to the clearings, the white road approaches the water course and we can take a look on the high slopes that delimit the valley covered by immense beech woods.

We are not far from the highest point of the valley bottom, in the place called Tre Confini (three borders), where the path divides into two directions; the first one proceeds towards the pass with signpost F2 allowing you to go down entering Valley Fondillo; the other direction that we must follow (the O5) continues to rise up to 500m of altitude (1640.42 ft. ) in elevation change to finally face the magnificent Pass of Forca Resuni, where the homonymous refuge is located.

As one goes up gradually, this very demanding climb will offer you ever wider overviews across a pine forest in the summit and until you reach the pass. On the other side the wide horizons of Iannanghera Valley will repay your great effort!

Another long descent to the end step in the delightful village of Civitella Alfedena, which will offer, however, many unforgettable sensations and emotions.

…………….(Il sentiero K6 scende con dei tornanti……e poi dopo un lungo percorso nella parte boscata della Valle Iannanghera si prenderà a sinistra l’I4 che si svilupperà con un tragitto piuttosto in sali-scendi e con traverso sinistro in falsopiano.)………….TO TRANSLATE

So we arrive at the village, where one of the first wildlife Areas hosting the Wolf was built in the 70s!

The Wolf’s path could not avoid reaching the places where one of the most significant chapters was written, thus allowing this great predator to regain its habitat!