Step 9.

Morino – Civita d’Antino

CAI Signposts

7.8 km (4.85 miles)

Max Altitude

553 m (1814.3 ft.)
165m (541.34 ft.)
890 m a.s.l. (2919.95 ft.)

Crossed protected areas

……………………….. –  Zompo lo Schioppo Reserve

Watercolour by Giampiero Pierini

Finally a short step, which is, however, well-deserved for those coming from the previous one!

The only uncertain factor at the moment is the bed availability in Civita d’Antino, which would also turn this short leg into a significantly more demanding one, in case it would be necessary to reach Villavallelonga.

However, if you manage to stay overnight at the end of the established step, before facing the elevation gradient that makes you climb up the left orographic side of the Roveto Valley, we suggest you to leave the bottom of the valley and visit the ancient ruins of Morino, destroyed by the dramatic Marsica Earthquake of 1915 as reported by Ignazio Silone, since these ruins are well kept and with suitable paths.